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Relentless Indigenous Woman Podcast

Relentless Indigenous Woman

Welcome to the Relentless Indigenous Woman podcast, where empowerment, justice, and reconciliation take centre stage. Hosted by the dynamic Candace Linklater, Visionary & Founder  of Relentless Indigenous Woman Co., educator, PhD candidate, and proud Rez kid, this podcast is a passionate platform for Indigenous People and allies alike.

Through a unique blend of traditional knowledge, empirical research, and personal lived experiences, the podcast aims to inspire meaningful actions in the pursuit of justice and reconciliation. Advocacy, education, and feminism are the guiding forces, uniting listeners in their journey to become relentless Indigenous trailblazers and effective allies.

Candace Linklater, a driving force behind the podcast, brings her extensive expertise, passion, and personal background to the forefront. By addressing critical issues facing Indigenous communities, the podcast equips its audience with the tools to make a difference. It encourages listeners to embrace their roles as relentless Indigenous forces and advocates for change.

Tune in to the Relentless Indigenous Woman podcast for insightful conversations, thought-provoking discussions, and actionable insights. Join Candace and her guests as they navigate the complexities of advocacy, education, and feminism, all while drawing on the strength of traditional wisdom and the power of shared experiences. Whether you're an Indigenous person or an ally, this podcast invites you to embark on a transformative journey toward justice and reconciliation.